Transpire Manifesto

  1. I Reject Indoctrination and Embrace Science and Continuous Improvement
  2. My Happiness & Health Make the World Better Off
  3. I Claim a Right to Augment and Amplify my Physical and Mental Capabilities
  4. I Recognize my Power to Improve the World and Acknowledge my Responsibility towards Other Living Creatures & My Planet

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How do you discuss Immortality and Transhumanism in a non intimidating fashion and know when to retreat to soccer when things go deep?
We should take note of our collective ability to eventually separate the right and progressive thoughts from decadent and hurtful. We achieve this through a moral evolution of the absolute majority.
How do we date and love in times of corona? Will virtual dating uncover the deeper human nature of our suitors or make dating even more commoditized?
“We can't return to normal, because the normal that we had was precisely the problem.” How will COVID-19 impact healthcare, agriculture and urbanization?
COVID19 came into the world of radical inequality becoming a major equalizer. COVID19 targets both the rich and poor, good and bad, old and young. Owing to this powerful effect of the fear of the unknown, it is imperative that the world becomes more united and humane. After all, life is all we’ve got. And the fear of losing it knows no race, class or border.


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