Transpire Manifesto

  1. I Reject Indoctrination and Embrace Science and Continuous Improvement
  2. My Happiness & Health Make the World Better Off
  3. I Claim a Right to Augment and Amplify my Physical and Mental Capabilities
  4. I Recognize my Power to Improve the World and Acknowledge my Responsibility towards Other Living Creatures & My Planet

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Often you can see some explanations of Transhumanism that border upon occultism or blind faith. In fact it is simply our search for meaning

Why Die?

Would you live in your youthful body without any major defects or suffering until you are 120 and then say: “Thanks I have had enough. Switch me off”?
Where have innovations and discoveries of human health and longevity began? What exciting stepping stones are lying ahead? Check out my History of Transhumanism
Copernicus theory of Heliocentrism was once seen as blasphemy. Are we repeating the mistake of blind ignorance in regards to Simulation Hypothesis?
The 15 years from 2020 to 2035 could be the most turbulent of human history. With the right response humanity can reach abundant flourishing & transcendence



Maleficently Immortal Me

Why Die?

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