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  1. I Reject Indoctrination and Embrace Science and Continuous Improvement
  2. My Happiness & Health Make the World Better Off
  3. I Claim a Right to Augment and Amplify my Physical and Mental Capabilities
  4. I Recognize my Power to Improve the World and Acknowledge my Responsibility towards Other Living Creatures & My Planet

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Dear Elon, The reason for which you have bought this platform, also for such an exorbitant sum, still dazzles...
Immortality renders racism obsolete because there will be no more self-rejection to medicate through the rejection of others. Far more than tolerance, we will be able to feel the absolute preciousness of the human body, our own and others, so acutely, so nakedly, that we couldn’t possibly abuse another, because the bruise to our own person would be so blatantly painful.
The techniques shared in this article are focused on overcoming behavioral and mental issues. Most importantly, these same methodologies may be used to combat depression, unlock your maximum mind potential, giving you a more healthy, happy and fulfilled life.
In fact I wonder if the drastic increase in insomnia and depression could be partially explained by the talk on “sustainability”. Have you ever wondered if there is a positive correlation between climate activism and a number of mindfulness apps and treatments?
Ozone therapy is just one of dozens of highly efficient but overlooked treatments which are easily accessible for general public. The problem of low monetization of such treatments does lead to the situation when we have to wait years and spend thousands for a half baked solution when we could have used a reliable treatment if we had the reliable information at the right time.


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