Climate activists have humanity’s interests at heart. Hard to disagree with the above.

You are a part of humanity, most likely, as you are advanced enough to read one of human languages.

Do your interests equate to those of the humanity then?

Well… Here is when the logical conundrums come into play.

Greta claims that government leaders deprived her of her childhood. Fair enough, if we believe that her only choice was to become an idol of climate activists and tirelessly work to give humanity another, probably undeserved, chance.

But had she really had no other choice? I see dozens of kids playing joyfully with their dogs, dolls and toy soldiers, and, most definitely, their cell phones. Equally I observe hundreds of adults harnessing the benefits of “quality of life”, having anything they might want in supermarkets, flying anywhere they dream up for pennies and buying fast fashion that allows anyone to “keep up with Kardashians”. There are also those 26 folks who worked hard and are finally basking in the light of their fame and money.

Will we cruelly ban them from having fun as well?!

Let’s go back to the question of whose interests climate activists are having in their minds. They definitely don’t have my interests in mind.

If anything I will only benefit from warmer climate here in London. And hey, if Gulf Stream disappears making London akin to Scandinavia, I will be happy to migrate to Spain. Gotta be flexible. Not only in your work 😉

Moreover, hearing about how we are destroying this Planet and burning Amazon rain forests, California and Australia makes me miserable and anxious, while contributing nothing to solving the problem. I am equally concerned about the disappearance of hundreds of species, most of which I had no idea existed in the first place. Also I am quite unhappy about the rising water levels and coral bleaching, which are apparently constituting a major threat to coastal communities and ecosystems.

Maybe I should move to the coast before being so concerned for people and the fish I have not personally met?

Thanks to climate activists I am now concerned about polluted air, polluted water, unrecyclable plastics, overconsumption, overpopulation, undernourishment, underdevelopment, overfishing; dying koalas, Polar bears, kangaroos, rhinos, tigers; dying Yemeni children and people who lost their homes due to natural disasters.

I am trying to eat less meat, recycle, and do whatever good stuff we are supposed to do to “go green”.

I will be soon concerned about how much I breath, eat and how much my existence is contributing to the degradation of the environment. Many people give up on the idea of having children and some believe even their life is too cumbersome for this world. Interesting to note a sharp increase in the anti-natalist movement.

So, all in all, do climate guys have my interests in mind? They definitely do not have my happiness in mind, that’s for sure. They make me feel nostalgic about times I never lived in and increasingly fidgety about the future I have pretty much no control over anyways.

If you equate interests with happiness, climate movement is seriously off the mark. It makes people gloomy and depressed, further exacerbating the vicious cycle of bad news on social media. If you are a hard core psychological masochist I highly recommend joining Facebook groups like Extinction Rebellion, Climate Change: Adaptation, Mitigation, Resilience or The Dodo. There are hundreds more, but those are the ones coming off top of my head.

Unless we figure out a way to make people immortal, plus we manage to magically get enough money or connections to get into the percentage of chosen ones to live forever, we have to admit we live just once. And once means quite a limited time, actually. Maybe 90 years, maybe 80. But maybe 70 or 60 if we are unlucky…

Is there any particular reason we should be stressed out and miserable throughout our short lives? Isn’t it better to allow ourselves to be happy and carelessly enjoy the deserved gift of life?

In fact I wonder if the drastic increase in insomnia and depression could be partially explained by the talk on “sustainability”. Have you ever wondered if there is a positive correlation between climate activism and a number of mindfulness apps and treatments? I think there might well be a connection.

So if I have my interests and my happiness at heart I am not entirely sure I support all the environmentalist messages.

I want to eat my steak and wear my fur coat and not feel guilty or judged for that! I want to enjoy tiramisu, lemon meringue cake or proper ice cream without feeling bad for the cows! Maybe I just want to live this one damned life I got as happily and stress-free as possible.

I think my desire is especially important if we take into account that we have already crossed multiple climate change thresholds and points of no return. The decade that just ended was by far the hottest ever measured on Earth, capped off by the second-warmest year on record.

No matter what I do and how miserable I feel, “humanity” as a whole has had its say and is well on the way out.

So why won’t you let us live the lives we have got, climate activists?

However, they won’ t because they are right. They are here not to make us depressed but to make us feel the urgency. Miserably failing for now. If any consolation their lobbying disaster is going to be our humanity’s last words.


  1. Very well said, especially this part:

    “If you equate interests with happiness, climate movement is seriously off the mark. It makes people gloomy and depressed, further exacerbating the vicious cycle of bad news on social media.”

    Couldn’t agree more.


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