David Pearce is a co-founder of Humanity+, and a father of the abolitionist school of transhumanism.

In 1995, he wrote a manifesto, The Hedonistic Imperative, which advocates the use of biotechnology to abolish suffering throughout the living world in favour of life based on gradients of superhuman bliss (“paradise engineering”).

A vegan, Pearce argues that humans have a responsibility not merely to end industrialised animal abuse, but also to redesign the global ecosystem so that non-human animals do not suffer in the wild.


Year 3000. Times of Eternal Bliss.

Not only general public, but also many futurists and sci fi authors often perceive the predictions of thousand years a bit far fetched and impractical. In his 15 predictions David Pearce shares with Transpire his vision for the world of the Fourth Millennium.