David Wood is a UK-based transhumanist and futurist. He is the Chair of London Futurists, which has the mission of ” serious analysis of radical scenarios for the short and long-term future”. He is also the Executive Director of the think tank Transpolitica, which seeks to “anticipate tomorrow’s politics”.

David is the author or lead editor of eight books, including The Abolition of AgingTranscending Politics, and Sustainable Superabundance.
In his professional career – described in the book Smartphones and Beyond – David spent 25 years in the mobile computing and smartphone industries, including co-founding Symbian and serving on its executive leadership team from 1998 to 2009.

David regularly gives keynotes and conducts workshops on a wide range of questions falling under the general theme of “radical real-world futurism”.

He sits on the board of directors of both Humanity+ and the IEET (Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technologies).


We Are Running Out of … Nothing!

Future does not have to be bleak and depressing. It can be full of amazing things, unity and abundance. This insight is grasped, today by a meagre sprinkling of transhumanist pioneers. But there are more of us. And the power of the future is unstoppable.