Do’s and don’ts for discussing immortality with friends and family

How do you discuss Immortality and Transhumanism in a non intimidating fashion and know when to retreat to soccer when things go deep?

From Hobbesian Past to Morally Superior Future: A Story of An Empowered Minority

We should take note of our collective ability to eventually separate the right and progressive thoughts from decadent and hurtful. We achieve this through a moral evolution of the absolute majority.
fear - coronavirus

How Fear Is Shaping Current Pandemic

COVID19 came into the world of radical inequality becoming a major equalizer. COVID19 targets both the rich and poor, good and bad, old and young. Owing to this powerful effect of the fear of the unknown, it is imperative that the world becomes more united and humane. After all, life is all we’ve got. And the fear of losing it knows no race, class or border.
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Who Will You Wake Up As After Covid-19?

What will the era post Covid-19 look like? And how can you make sure you wake up in the New Brave World fully equipped to survive and prosper?

Maleficently Immortal Me

Often you can see some explanations of Transhumanism that border upon occultism or blind faith. In fact it is simply our search for meaning

Why Die?

Would you live in your youthful body without any major defects or suffering until you are 120 and then say: “Thanks I have had enough. Switch me off”?

Transhumanist Past, Reality and Future

Where have innovations and discoveries of human health and longevity began? What exciting stepping stones are lying ahead? Check out my History of Transhumanism
Simulated Universe

We All Live In A Simulated Universe

Copernicus theory of Heliocentrism was once seen as blasphemy. Are we repeating the mistake of blind ignorance in regards to Simulation Hypothesis?

Is Universe Made For Us?

The Anthropic Principle claims that the universe is fine-tuned for the existence of life. There are, however, many alternative theories. Quantum Mechanics explains the proliferation of life by Natural Selection Hypothesis. Physics gives us "Multiple Universes" Hypothesis. And Religion explains the existence of life by the theory of Genesis Creation.

How Transhumanism United Jesus Christ and Charles Darwin

Religion used sacred value judgments to legitimize its teachings. The same values, however, are seen in ideologies like liberalism, humanism, communism and Transhumanism. Science is here to serve Humanity and not the other way round. This is precisely why we need Transhumanist ideology to have an open discussion around how and for which purpose we are creating scientific discoveries and new technologies.