Maleficently Immortal Me

Often you can see some explanations of Transhumanism that border upon occultism or blind faith. In fact it is simply our search for meaning

Why Die?

Would you live in your youthful body without any major defects or suffering until you are 120 and then say: “Thanks I have had enough. Switch me off”?

Transhumanist Past, Reality and Future

Where have innovations and discoveries of human health and longevity began? What exciting stepping stones are lying ahead? Check out my History of Transhumanism
Simulated Universe

We All Live In A Simulated Universe

Copernicus theory of Heliocentrism was once seen as blasphemy. Are we repeating the mistake of blind ignorance in regards to Simulation Hypothesis?

Is Universe Made For Us?

The Anthropic Principle claims that the universe is fine-tuned for the existence of life. There are, however, many alternative theories. Quantum Mechanics explains the proliferation of life by Natural Selection Hypothesis. Physics gives us "Multiple Universes" Hypothesis. And Religion explains the existence of life by the theory of Genesis Creation.

How Transhumanism United Jesus Christ and Charles Darwin

Religion used sacred value judgments to legitimize its teachings. The same values, however, are seen in ideologies like liberalism, humanism, communism and Transhumanism. Science is here to serve Humanity and not the other way round. This is precisely why we need Transhumanist ideology to have an open discussion around how and for which purpose we are creating scientific discoveries and new technologies.

We Are Free. Maybe For the First Time in History!

You can walk in super short mini skirt, have red or green hair, wear super high boots, stockings, leather jackets with feathers, colorful socks with depictions of dicks and vaginas, you can walk in transparent clothes or sometimes with no clothes at all. Finally we are approaching the level of tolerance when we can finally have the right to be comfortable in own skin. You are a human and you deserve your freedom.

How Much Will Immortality Cost?

Imagine we finally get an Elixir of Life! What will we have to sacrifice if we take it? And what issues will Humanity have to solve?

Après Nous le Déluge: New Boomer Slogan?

This 21st Century biology will soon give Boomers the last thing most of them anticipated: living with the consequences of their misdeeds and negligence. Thus we will all be suffering and dying in the floods to come, unless we all start living with a sense of ecological responsibility.

Is It Intelligence We Are Aiming For?

While scientific progress and evolution is a natural phenomenon originating from a human mind, we must ask ourselves: Is It Intelligence That We Were Aiming For? Striving for Superintelligence, while devoid of love and mindfulness practices will transform the complexity of a human being into empty shells of calculation and programming, and possibly the extinction of Humanity as we know it.