Covid-19 Crisis: Stripper Landlords, Bat Soup and Hyper-Leverage

Developed economies have derived enormous benefit from integrating supply chains with emerging ones, but in many ways haven’t internalized the costs. COVID19 looks like exactly the cost of over-leveraged system most of us will have to pay.

What Are Our Coronavirus Takeaways?

What can current Coronavirus crisis teach humanity? How do we get out of this stronger and more forward thinking than before?
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How Fear Is Shaping Current Pandemic

COVID19 came into the world of radical inequality becoming a major equalizer. COVID19 targets both the rich and poor, good and bad, old and young. Owing to this powerful effect of the fear of the unknown, it is imperative that the world becomes more united and humane. After all, life is all we’ve got. And the fear of losing it knows no race, class or border.
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Who Will You Wake Up As After Covid-19?

What will the era post Covid-19 look like? And how can you make sure you wake up in the New Brave World fully equipped to survive and prosper?

Love in Lockdown: A Reflection on Modern Romance

How do we date and love in times of corona? Will virtual dating uncover the deeper human nature of our suitors or make dating even more commoditized?