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How Will Wall Street Save Your Life?

At the moment medical field is one of the most traditional and bureaucratically cumbersome domains. And finance gives us the lessons and hope for change. High-frequency medicine would import the specialised know-how from high-frequency finance and combine it with recent advances in data science and ML/AI.

Immortality in a Dust Bowl

While technology is rapidly advancing to allow us to prevent any upcoming diseases and health glitches, the coming of Immortality is unfortunately coming at the time of environmental destruction. Gareth provides an answer to how we can become immortal and enjoy our immortality in a liveable Planet

Body 2.0

JiaXuan Hon provides her view on what being human and having a physical body means in XXI century.

How Do You Preserve the Planet While Advancing Technology?

Climate change and environment destruction are real threats. Article gives a list of Transhumanist suggestions on how we can preserve the Planet without sacrificing our quality of life.

AI Vs. God: Who Stays And Who Leaves?

Is God responsible for the life on Earth or can we become our own Gods? Creation of an “artificial soul” and true reasoning will not be an attempt to pass the Turing Test. It will aim to pass the test for God.

Why Mind Uploading Is Not Transhumanism

Having a positive view of mind uploading is neither necessary nor sufficient for being a transhumanist. Mind uploading is simply one of many routes toward indefinite human life extension.

Can Transhumanism Beat a Culture of Death?

Most deaths in the world are caused by aging and disease and somehow 85 % of the world population is perfectly fine with this. Transhumanists want the choice over our earthly life and demise, and we don’t want to leave it to cancer, or an automobile accident, or aging, or fate.

How and Why Is Transhumanism Winning the Hearts and Minds of the World?

Even though the words singularity, cyborg, and life extension generate far more hits on Google than transhumanism, they just don’t feel right describing an ideal and accurate vision of the future. Almost by default, transhumanism has become the overwhelming leader of the name rivalry.

We Are Running Out of … Nothing!

Future does not have to be bleak and depressing. It can be full of amazing things, unity and abundance. This insight is grasped, today by a meagre sprinkling of transhumanist pioneers. But there are more of us. And the power of the future is unstoppable.

Year 3000. Times of Eternal Bliss.

Not only general public, but also many futurists and sci fi authors often perceive the predictions of thousand years a bit far fetched and impractical. In his 15 predictions David Pearce shares with Transpire his vision for the world of the Fourth Millennium.