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Who Will You Wake Up As After Covid-19?

What will the era post Covid-19 look like? And how can you make sure you wake up in the New Brave World fully equipped to survive and prosper?
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Covid-19 Crisis: Stripper Landlords, Bat Soup and Hyper-Leverage

Developed economies have derived enormous benefit from integrating supply chains with emerging ones, but in many ways haven’t internalized the costs. COVID19 looks like exactly the cost of over-leveraged system most of us will have to pay.

What Are Our Coronavirus Takeaways?

What can current Coronavirus crisis teach humanity? How do we get out of this stronger and more forward thinking than before?

Education: At Times of Pandemics and Beyond

If there is any good of the current pandemic situation that is the fact that online education will be finally given the place it is long due

Maleficently Immortal Me

Often you can see some explanations of Transhumanism that border upon occultism or blind faith. In fact it is simply our search for meaning

Why Die?

Would you live in your youthful body without any major defects or suffering until you are 120 and then say: “Thanks I have had enough. Switch me off”?

Transhumanist Past, Reality and Future

Where have innovations and discoveries of human health and longevity began? What exciting stepping stones are lying ahead? Check out my History of Transhumanism

We All Live In A Simulated Universe

Copernicus theory of Heliocentrism was once seen as blasphemy. Are we repeating the mistake of blind ignorance in regards to Simulation Hypothesis?
Simulated Universe

Buckle Up – Turbulence Ahead!

The 15 years from 2020 to 2035 could be the most turbulent of human history. With the right response humanity can reach abundant flourishing & transcendence
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Transhumanist New Decade Resolutions

President of US Transhumanist party, Gennady Stolyarov II, is giving his resolutions for Humanity in 2020s. Which ones would you add to the list?