“We can’t return to normal, because the normal that we had was precisely the problem.”

The world went through a radical change in late 2019 when a virus spread globally from China and swept across Europe and the United States. The financial markets crashed, as CEO’s stepped down and employees were sent to work from home for their own safety. The markets that emerged from the rubble were those that were able to adapt quickly by using delivery and virtual meetings to serve their customers, but bigger problems became apparent.

We thought technology would empower us, but instead of creating freedom, it has just overwhelmed us with zoom meetings, youtube videos, and endless memes. Sifting through all the information, we found only we can empower ourselves. Much of humanity had time to question the meaning of their very existence and to confront the deep fears that drove society and this planet to where we are now. Through our own awareness, we can step into preparedness to protect ourselves from this real threat impacting us in the future. We realize that we have a great opportunity to shift the trajectory through our choices going forward.

Alternative Healthcare Approaches

During the COVID19 pandemic it has been made clear that the medical infrastructure that we rely on is unprepared to say the least. The US lacks proper testing, masks to protect medical support staff and doctors, respirators, and faces a deficit of hospital beds. There is a deep sense of uncertainty when one goes into the hospital as the system can not support a pandemic of this magnitude. This really points to our need to take our healthcare in our own hands. Functional medical practice or treatments focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, usually involving systems of holistic that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of the condition. This sector of healthcare is not designed for emergency treatments, however through building one’s health and immunity, one can prevent illness and hospitalization.  

Many of the top Functional Medicine doctors do not accept insurance, although new companies like Parsley Health  are sprouting up to provide insurance coverage with functional medicine benefits.  For what my monthly insurance premiums would be, I go to my private functional medicine doctor and pay cash out of pocket.  According to Consumer Reports insured are finding that their out of pocket might even be less than the copay and many plans don’t even offer much coverage for emergency care. With COV19 healthcare costs nearing $35,000 with ventilation required, we can no longer take own selfcare lightly.

In addition to traditional medical services, functional medicine practitioners offer high dose vitamin C IV’s, Ozone therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Peptide therapy, Stem cell therapy, and a wide array of lab testing that help to determine the appropriate treatment protocols. Many of these protocols are highly regarding amongst the biohacker community. Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee and author of Becoming Superhuman, as well as Ben Greenfield, author of Boundless, a book on the potentials of humans longevity through self-optimization, go into great detail on these burgeoning new sector of well being.

Currently millions of Americans are suffering from PTSD including veterans, medics, and law enforcement. Nothing equates to the level of collective trauma that humanity is going to experience during this pandemic. COV-PTSD will become a term in the DSM-5. How will we address that?!

Interestingly, researchers in organizations like MAPS and John Hopkins are seeing extraordinary results from therapy that uses psychedelic drugs to treat PTSD, depression and addiction. Psychedelic Therapy utilizes substances like Psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine in a therapeutic setting. According to the MAPS III trials, 61% no longer qualified for PTSD after three sessions of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy two months following treatment. At the 12-month follow-up, 68% no longer had PTSD. This treatment protocol with MDMA received “breakthrough therapy” status with the FDA. This therapy could prove to be crucial in providing hope for those still suffering from fear and uncertainty in the months after the dust settles.

OVM Fungi by James Jean
OVM Fungi by James Jean

Coronavirus struck in the midst of a burgeoning psychedelic renaissance and mounting Decriminalize movement which has managed to get psychedelics decriminalized in Colorado, as well as in California in cities of Santa Cruz and Oakland. This movement will continue to gain momentum.

With Psychedelic Therapy gaining momentum, cities, states, and countries that loosen their regulations on psychedelic substances will benefit by supporting their residents and lightening the load on the mental health system that will be overwhelmed post COVID19.

I predict that some individuals may even choose to relocate to states and countries that match their values and provide personal freedoms for psychedelic use. Local municipalities that are psychedelic friendly will benefit from additional tax revenue from influx of new citizens. Portugal is one country that has decriminalized all drugs including psychedelics. I see this as an opportunity for national, state, and local governments.

Epidemics Prevention

What do Coronavirus pandemic, Swine flu H1N1, and SARS (1997) have in common? They were all supposedly spread by eating meat. The last 3 of these major pandemics have swept the globe roughly each decade. The worst pandemic to date was 1918 Spanish flu, claiming 50 million lives. The purpose of sharing this data is not to get you to become vegan.

I do want you to consider, however, most of the animals’ conditions in industrial farming settings. These horrendous conditions are creating sickness and disease in these trapped animals and this is further contaminating our food supply. We need to reconsider optimal conditions for the health, safety, and well being of these animals is essential for the safety, health, and well-being of humanity.  

One of the ways we can do this is by careful selection and sourcing of our meat. Michael Greger, author of Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching, calls factory farming a “perfect storm environment” for infectious diseases. We need to look at biodynamic farming as one part of the solution. Animals are accustomed to living in an ecosystem where they interact with other animals in a bio-diverse environment.  I highly suggest watching,The Biggest Little Farm to learn more about how farming can be done in alignment with nature.  

Some may argue factory farms are necessary for the demand of global meat eaters. The main issue is that it is not necessary for humans to consume the levels of meat that are currently being consumed. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, average consumer will eat 222.2 pounds of red meat and poultry in a year (2018). At the same time, one to two serving of protein, which includes eggs, is sufficient to provide the appropriate human needs and equates to 22.75-44.5 pounds per year depending on the individual’s weight. Some may even find after adjusting their diet to protein rich mushrooms, legumes, and supplementing with blue green algae and chlorella that they may only choose to eat meat 2-3 times a week or less than that. This decrease in consumption will allow farming practices to provide adequate space to prevent the spread of disease and provide an overall high quality meat supply.

“As we destroy the habitat and homes of wild species, we violate the integrity of the species and create the conditions for communicable diseases to move from non-human animals to human animals. As we manipulate animals in factory farms and genetically manipulate plants, we create conditions for non-communicable diseases to become contagious. The industrial system is anti-nature, unhealthy, and non-sustainable.” –claims Vandana Shiva, an Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author.

We can only imagine what Vandana Shiva has to say about overcrowded wild markets in China, where terrified animals are soaked in blood of their recently butchered cousins, some of whom are being eaten alive! For the sake of decency and humanity, China must stop this disgusting behavior.

Reversed Urbanisation

Jetsetters and even gypsetters appear to be a thing of the past to make way for the farmsetter. As we realize the dangers of living in big cities and being reliant on the interconnected systems of global travel, we must look at mycelial land-based communities as a replacement to the burgeoning globalisation. These interconnected, self-sustaining systems incorporating permaculture, wellness programs, mindfulness practices, cutting-edge healing modalities, ancestral technologies, and education might be exactly what we are looking for in the aftermath of current COVID19 crisis. These design-sensitive spaces that respect and harmonize with nature are able to give individuals independence and communal spaces to feel a sense of connection within a community.

The new traveler feels a sense of duty and responsibility for humanity and the planet, knowing that wherever one travels to, they must also make their contribution. Individuals find a sense of peace and safety aligning with centers that cultivate a community of authentic like-minded individuals. The better one can do this and maintain that sense of community, the more successful their project with be.

More now than ever, crowded cities have lost their appeal as individuals crave a connection to wide-open nature sanctuaries, where individuals notice a difference in their overall health and wellbeing. The new and untested technologies like 5G are the worst yet, causing mass death to birds, bees, and massive disruption to the human microbial DNA. As individuals become educated about the dangers of 5G frequencies and start placing value on the health of their bodies, this will further drive people out of major 5G hubs.

Land-based projects will offer short and longer-term programs, as well as residency options. My prediction is areas like Chile, Nicaragua, Azores, and Puerto Rico will become new hotspots for this type of traveler.

Now we step into a new timeline where the movers-and-shakers are ready to reclaim their power and do the work, using their internal guiding systems, empowering others, innovating, and accelerating each other’s evolution and life journey. We realize the stakes are high, not just for our own health, but for the health of our living planet, so we choose to co-create together to amplify our learnings, create sustainable systems, and maintain a world in harmony with nature.

Tricia Eastman is a pioneer and respected voice in the world of psychedelics. For nearly 20 years she has consulted for top-destination spa and retreat centers on novel treatments and best practices.  As a medicine women and healing practitioner, she has experience in the shamanic and clinical backgrounds of psychedelic-assisted therapeutic modalities. She offers a unique bridge between the scientific, culture, and indigenous wisdom. Over the last 5 years, Eastman has supported 1500+ people through powerful medicine experiences including celebrities, political leaders, and Navy Seals. Over the last decade she has been involved with numerous projects related to preservation of sacred medicines and cultural traditions.

Contact Tricia at psychedelicjourneys website and @psychedelicjourneys Instagram



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