You can walk in super short mini skirt, have red or green hair, wear super high boots, stockings, leather jackets with feathers, colorful socks with depictions of dicks and vaginas, you can walk in transparent clothes or sometimes with no clothes at all.

What I am describing here does not relate to a very specific Queer club in London or a swingers’ hotel in Cancun. It does not relate only to women, only to LGBTQ or only to artists.

This is pretty much the case in every cosmopolitan liberal city in the world and it relates to men, women, undecided, in between and whatever other creatures will be inhabiting Earth in the nearest future.

And you know what? I think it’s great! Finally we are approaching the level of human development and tolerance when each individual can finally have the right to be comfortable in their own skin, as well as have the means to express this.

After all, why should this be any different?

Why should you be pretending to be someone you are not just because other people want you to?

Maybe traditional way of things makes us as a society more comfortable and calm, maybe it reinforces our learnt mental shortcuts, maybe it helps to keep order and political stability, or makes it easier for companies and advertisers to put us in a specific carefully created demographic.

Do we really have to please all of those people around us?

Honest answer: people who care less what others think and do what they feel appropriate and best for them tend to be healthier, happier and more successful overall. So why don’t we defy the norm and focus on our own well-being?!

Women 2.0

You might have been born a woman but your ambition and the desire to succeed makes you a strong competitor in the traditionally men’s world. A relatively recent CNN article says that by 2030, 45% of working women aged 25 to 44 in the United States will be single. That will be the largest share in history. The same tendency will hold true for most developed societies.

Maybe the title was designed to be controversial, but, in all fairness, the fact that people live longer on average and women have been lately receiving a much better education than men clearly indicates that “the weaker sex” has all the cards.


It does not take a magician to realize women are already well positioned to become the primary drivers’ of countries’ economies. Some notable examples of unexpected emancipation can be seen in Filipino families which are often times sustained by remittances sent by women working in United States.

Moreover, according to many experts, women in politics equally tend to improve the general population well-being and deescalate potential conflicts – and, as Finnish whole female Cabinet is clearly demonstrating, – we are well on the way.

Do these high flying ambitious women have to also have several kids just to make sure they fit the centuries old image of a traditional woman? Well, they definitely could, sacrificing their dreams, or mental and physical health, worse still.

Artificial wombs

However, since the centuries old reality of 30-40 years life span and limited fertility is rapidly transforming into over a hundred year life expectancy and as gene editing, IVF methods and rapidly approaching artificial wombs could allow us to avoid the trap of biological clock, we might as well review our attitude towards child birth.

Moreover, does having a child constitute a life necessity? It is a choice, often times made very badly or not thought through at all, leaving millions of children miserable, psychologically unstable, or worse, malnourished or enslaved by their communities, treating them as a workforce.

First time in history, women received a say over their body, choice and place in the world. And no one will take it back from us just because they feel uncomfortable with us not fitting the “norm”.

Men 2.0

Equally, men have finally received a carte blanche at dating someone they can respect, aspire to and learn something from, basically an equal partner rather than a Barbie looking them in the mouth. The notable examples of Keanu Reeves and George Clooney provide a revealing portrait of men breaking free from the established stereotypes and choosing a suitable and equal partner.

And no matter how much a stereotype calls you to look for dependent young girl who would reinforce his dominating position, at the end of the day you are looking for someone you can hold a conversation with, rely on and build something together.

The whole concept and a stereotype of men’s polygamic tendency developed precisely because of the dilemma they always had to be facing: how long can you realistically stand someone who wants and needs you only for your money and can give nothing in return?

Men used to be locked up in the endless search for younger and more beautiful girl as they always felt the pressure to outdo the other men around them and they knew they would stay a desirable object to an opposite sex due to a previously unquestioned economic and mental superiority.

Things are changing fast, however. Modern women can offer way more than looks and youth, and men are more than happy about the tradeoff. How nice must it feel when someone wants you because of what you represent and not for how much cash you have in your account?!


Imagine you were born as a man but feel like wearing dresses and heels? Maybe you want men to like you? Do you really have to suffer your whole life as an outcast just because you were born this way?

Alan Turing

Alan Turing, a person who broke Enigma code, that helped to end World War II and defeat Nazi forces, was prosecuted in 1952 for his homosexual acts, had to accept chemical castration “treatment” and died from cyanide poisoning in what was deemed as a suicide.

Does a person really deserve to suffer like cattle in the animal farm just because he happens to be outside the established “norm”? Alan Turing is only one of the millions of appalling examples of intolerance and ignorance of the society.  

Witch burning, slavery, religious and ideological persecutions and tortures, denying women’s right to work and vote are some of the same class examples of our horrendous historical ignorance.

If you think we are doing well now, think twice.

We Might Have Won the Battle But not the War

Gay beating in Russia, body shaming, racism, ageism, tribal rapes, female genital mutilation, Indian caste system, tortures of religious minorities, stoning and many more outrageous acts of narrow-mindedness and cliquism are some of the relics of the “tradition” and “norm” that are still widespread in some backwards societies.

We are nowhere near a perfect and civilized world we deserve. And we will never be.

Because, when all the figures are at their right positions on the chess board, the game is over. And the game of humanity progress and self-discovery is a never ending process.

However, for the first time in history, we can be who we truly are.

Some people will question, some will disapprove, some will hate you and shame you. But it is not them who matter.

You are the one who matters. Remember this. You are a human and you deserve your freedom.

We are in this together.



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