All our discussions seem to be centered around the attainment of major intelligence and true reason.

Scientific progress by itself can potentially guarantee the elimination of all the causes of human suffering, but does it necessarily create the condition for human happiness and self-fulfillment?

To answer our quest for happiness in the Scientific Age I turn to the concept of Integral Transhumanism. It adopts a framework that accounts for individual and collective enhancement and consciousness expansion through a more effective neurological reprogramming.

Whether it is through genetic enhancement, brain-computer interface, holistic wellness and education, or shamanic entheogenic practices integrated into modern life, Integral Transhumanism advocates for enhanced cognitive and neurological states to achieve heightened spiritual awareness and wisdom.

Since pure scientific progress is not a guarantee for human happiness or ecological preservation, Integral Transhumanism gives us the means that will allow humanity to work towards a sustainable equilibrium between social and natural environments.

Inspired by the Ken’s Wilber Integral Philosophy, Integral Transhumanism takes into account that knowledge or intelligence are not a sufficient indication of progress if they don’t entail a holistic integration of humanity’s deep-felt intuition and complexity of thought. In other words, we must take into consideration the deepest and subtlest variations of human thought, belief and hope in our quest to obtain the “ultimate truth” we seem to be so preoccupied with.

Striving for Superintelligence, if devoid of love and mindfulness, risks transforming the complexity of a human being into empty shells of calculation and programming, and possibly the extinction of the whole human species as we know it.

Thus, in our search for improvement and truth we ought to focus on Emotional Intelligence as a way to improve our capacity for empathy, compassion,  understanding of others, and the power of our intentions.

This will allow us to stay human in the age of exponential technological development and an upcoming rule of machines.

Spiritual Growth, therefore, will constitute the highest achievement of Superintelligence.

Albert Einstein once said, “We can’t fix our problems from the same consciousness that created it.” A holistic and sustainable re-engineering of humanity must account for the understanding of consciousness itself to give rise to truly benevolent beings.

At the same time, while emphasizing the humanness in ourselves, we must not fear what some might deem as “unnatural” because humans are anything but willful subjects of nature’s way.

We don’t tend to label the domestication of plants and animals, education, art, cars, dental floss, eyeglasses, pacemakers, in-vitro fertilization, as “unnatural”, and we don’t necessarily think of “natural” things like plagues, meteorites, parasites, or polio as desirable things either.

In fact, anything a human mind can come up with, is inherently natural in its origin. The time and probability of a concept’s move from theory into practice is nothing more than a natural evolution of existence.

In the same way as we have domesticated maize and deem corn natural, so the machines, robotics and Artificial Intelligence is nothing more than a natural creation of an unlimited potential of a Human Mind, and must not be shunned away but embraced as a dimension of our humanness.


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